A pandemic foretold (in vain)

04 Agosto 2020

It is not easy to give a summary of these first 6 long months of pandemic. Our earlier article The Italian Drama (Burgio E., 2020) sought to put in context the situation in Italy within the planetary one, which is still evolving. Yet, it is necessary so we do not find ourselves unprepared should the virus return with high viral loads in Italy and the rest of Europe in late summer or autumn. In the terrible days of March and April, the most affected provinces of Northern Italy were Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Piacenza. Unfortunately, the virus now rages, in many areas of the planet: United States, Brazil, Mexico, India. To place the pandemic in context, means examining previous events historically and then focusing on recent pandemics. The first big mistake was not understanding that the appearance of a pandemic virus is a dramatic event to be studied according to well-defined coordinates, known for over a century. This was forgotten by many famous and expert scientists.


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